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Topptur til Hilleknuten

Starting point: the hike begins at the Fidjeland ski lifts in Øvre Sirdal, you will need a car to get to here. Description: follow the main route to the top. Turn left towards the mountains pass and follow the ski slope or move further upwards. Between the mast 7 and 8, turn left (north) on sauesti with the winter snow poles. It is steep, and it will take about 30 minutes for the first 300 meters of the climb. After about 10 minutes, the trail crosses the stream that flows down Svartups, and from here the trail follows the creek on the right side in a north-easterly direction. You cross a supply stream, and after 10 minutes you reach a tarn on the right handside. From here you can see the tower on top of Hilleknuten, and the trail turns back north (left), up the mountain side, then go through a narrow valley. On top of the gorge, turn right towards the northeast over a rocky plateau and past a small tarn on your right. All that remains is to climb the last few meters to the top, where you can enjoy a 360 degree view over the mountain moorlands. For a detailed description including maps and information etc buy the guidebook 'Hiking in Sirdal' which includes Kjerag and Sirdals Seven Summits. Click here for Maps and GPS coordinates Accommodation: Sirdals Høyfjellshotell Fidjeland Hytteutleige

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Topptur til Hilleknuten

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